Our History

It all started in Herne, a peaceful little town in the Brabantine-Flemmish region of Belgium, where the larks still sing. There were high hopes...

APFE (a Pink Floyd experience) started back early in 2018. The first rehearsals were in a garage from our lead guitarist Franky Bossuyt. Franky is the founder of the band. We first started with Tom Walraet, our bassist and passionate Pink Floyd lover, and a shortly after, Tommy Aerts, our lead singer, who can't count anymore how often he has listened to Pink Floyd.

After a while searching for a good drummer, we found better than good, we found Peter Van Roy - also known from the band TOAST - who were successful in the Nineties and not just something for breakfast.

We were blocked for a while because we needed keys and it was very hard to find a skilled keyboard-player. But, finally, in 2019 we could start the year with an incredible asset to our band. Welcome Geert Van Renterghem. Geert, is also an experienced bass player with the U2be Tribute band, but he played keyboard most of his live in other bands. His experience took us to the next level.

To speed up the project (because Pink Floyd isn't just a band you can easily imitate) we were searching for an extra versatile guitarist. At the end of 2019, fresh young blood, David Robbrecht joined us. Now in 2022, he has proven to be like a Swiss pocket knife, because he also plays the Sax!

Except for some backing vocals, we were ready to go... Then 2020... Damn... COVID-19... We were all trapped. But we refused to give up. We continued with our plan. We played and practiced from home and continued to work on our project. After some ladies passed the revue, we are finally complete and blessed with two charming ladies. We welcome Joke and Ellen as our backing vocalists.